Littlewing DLG
Well she┬┤s walking....
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DLG Modell Little Wing Basic Version:
Two pieced Wing  build with Cores out of moulds :
Shell out of 80g/m2  HT Spreadtow
Spars out of  50g/m2 UD IMS Spreadtow
Flaps are build with Glassfibres wrapped around a full core
Flaps are redy to tly with RDS pre fabricated

Flying Weight  about 285g                                     550€


Build in Servos including all materials          200€
Build in LIFP Batteries                                 50€

surcharge Flap colour
according to customer´s wishes
(standard is yellow)                                      25€

Surcharge  Wingletcolour 
according to customer´s wishes 
(Standard is red outside/ yellow inside)        25€

Buid in receiver & Material                             35€

Surcharge Flaps in          CFK                       30€

 FAI No. below  Glass flaps                           15€

Set of RDS couplings (2 pieces)
continously adjustable
out of high grade Aluminium                          25€